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KIDS & 33OneThird joined forces in the summer of 2011, merging the hip hop crews from the Lower Mainland of British Columbia to create the supergroup 33KIDS. The two crews met in Ladner for a weekend of intensive writing and recording, during which the debut, self titled EP was composed and arranged. Now, two years later, after gracing many stages in the Greater Vancouver Area, 33KIDS is ready to unleash this EP in which the crews initial bond was forged. 5 songs, one spearheaded by each emcee, all written and recorded within 48 hours. The entire project was Produced and Mixed by Pashak, who is 33onethird and KIDS in house producer. The video for the lead single 'Wildin' Out', filmed by Blood and Whiskey Productions, was released on the 4th of July, 2013. With a Western Canadian tour in place to promote the EP's release, 33KIDS are ecstatic to circulate their first studio production and equally excited to let you know that it is only the tip of the iceberg. Between the 5 emcees and 2 crews which comprise the supergroup, there is a multitude of material awaiting all eager listeners. With one of the livest performances Canadian hip hop has ever known, an eccentric ensemble of talent and now a polished production with the EP, 33KIDS is ready to romp across the country and take its place among Canadian hip hop prestige. Whether you want to kick back and listen to some outstanding lyricism or you just want to wild' out to hard hitting production, 33KIDS will provide and leave you talking about the influence they've had on you.


released October 31, 2013

Emcees: Kelvin, Jakub Evolved, Mizzy, MistaPhi, NevaMynd
Producer: Pashak
Mastered by Stuntman for Suite Sounds Lab




all rights reserved


33KIDS Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Rap O'Clock
(Jakub Evolved)(hook)
It's rap o'clock, we show up late and crash the spot
Keep shorty flying high until the after party
KIDS and 33 OneThird, yeah that's whatsup
Harass ya pops for some money honey, this has to get copped
Rap O'clock, we show up once the track gets dropped
Find us hopping on stage to beats that Pashak rocked
We don't do this for the money be we gon' grab the gwap
And we gon' do this here for life until our caskets drop

I come running whenever I hear it calling me, regardless where I'm at, what I'm doin I'm droppin everything. Clock strikes rap, so I'll cook another recipe, gather the ingredients, conduct a little alchemy. You know time it is, combining 33 with KIDS, we got em looking lazy with the way we came to handle biz. Biters got an appetite cuz they aint rappin half as tight. We blow it up like dynamite, these suckas oughta pass the mic. This is our bread and our butter we gotta eat, headed straight into battle on any day of the week. Rock shows, shift plates, turn the place to an earthquake with deep bass, thick drums, rhythm and wordplay. Locked, loaded and we're ready to roll. We got a gig at some venue that we already know, I'm well aware of where we're goin, we've been waiting on this date, but if its rap o'clock, then everybody's showin late.

I got my late slip from the office, missed mornin attendance
cussing out the secretary for being so damn pretentious
not strutting in, honestly I'm ignoring the attention
walk in smooth as if i'm barely even grasping their intentions
thirty passed when I step in, class well in session
three KIDS in the back row, filling pages with lessons
people pay for progression, piece of paper no less than
knowledge of one self, how I took to the west end
doing the same old tricks, i'm two stepping with my lips,
I let my footwork do the talking
Give em the ballroom blitz, till they callin it quits
you gotta crawl before your walking
its not shocking that they're gawking like its lucifer's offspring
there's no stopping hip hopping, i'm the rap o clock king
after Filipino time, you know the skills will be the shine
if you're not feeling me its fine, I keep on building within rhyme


Will someone tell me why we live for the day
wake up to alarms screaming no chance to rub your eyes already the wife screaming
lace your boots hop in the truck some genius on the radio screaming
"why is everybody pissed off at the world and constantly screaming"
jeeze I wonder laughin watchin people fumble in square bubbles
drive around in square cars and retreat to there square houses
lounge on square leather couches hang off every fuckin word that the square in the square shoutin
"why the fuck is he screaming"
that's why I wait till the moon rises
I live for the night rap o clock studio enterprises
rock a hoodie till sunset anticipate the night upon us
and the only time I'm screaming's on the mic that I promise
I'm level headed
I don't need to be Albert einstein to get it
in the darkness embers are most reflected
I'm busy with 33kids on a shack beat
no need to ask it's obvious the clock struck rap

Ayo we mess around whenever we show up, promoter stressing out.
33OneThird and the KIDS got the best of clout.
Acting like throwing javelins, travelling on the westward route
Writing in stone tablets. In due time i'll etch the proud
Loud-mouthed quotables. Undoubtedly preposterous.
Don't got the minutes? You might as well get up off this.
Cross-talk options that got me bombing like convicts.
Buns looking beauty, my baby, got a hot sausage.
And that's the type of activity that'll get me tied up.
At this point, it's only my apparel that divides us
So why not hit it, when this chicken's finger licking
And the only reason to ditch is because the clock is ticking.
Okay, okay. I understand the clique is waiting on the kid.
I just wanna influence you on the way that I live.
Yo, pass the pop. You cats have to stop.
Your time's up despite the fact it's rap o'clock.

Track Name: Whatchu Sayin'
Whatchu Sayin man
sayin, Whatchu sayin man?
whatchu sayin man?
whatchu sayin, yo Jakub whatchu sayin man?

(Jakub Evolved)
They call me Jakub Evolved, I'm fly, Take off straight up to Mars
Died and came back just to hang off a cross
Walked away from it on some playful shit, navigating the stars
You wanna take a trip through the quasars come and hang with the squadron
With the live the saga, spit the data. You think we eating more
Because our shit is fatter, but we just get what matters
Skinny but witty. Finna get plenty
Women keep letting me in'em and I ain't giving'em pennies. We winning
Ascend forever evolving, weather the storm
Until the heavens fells upon us and the devils are gone
The good Shepard. As long as my descendants are strong
I'll come back in a hundred years like the second coming of God,
Til' then I'm gone...

Now whatchyou sayin when the time is upon us
while the mass majority stay pawnish
I'm fuckin the queen in the kings office
'off with his head' nonsense come on now let's be honest
I'm so outta site astronomers catch me sculpting scriptures in comets
I bask in a hoodie behind a pair of rays glasses
tryin to peace together the future well everyone's stuck in the paaassssst tense
I stand tense balled fist vent
all this pent up energy's enough to burst the fuckin veins in my damn neck
which is it pride or pain, slow or fast lane you
hangin up and bowin out or standin like a man and remain you
lookin to shake hands or name the fuckin game between the a and m
you aimin for the jersey or the name whatchu sayin man

Whatchu Sayin, when you sayin something say it man?
Whatcu sayin when you sayin, whatchu sayin man?
whatchu sayin when you say it Mista say it man
whatchu sayin, yo Kal when you say it what?

Lemme tell you though, honey love ain't the dirtiest
But a wordsmith among the birds. Flirtatious, yet courteous.
It leaves me curious, breaking hearts: murderous
Pretty lips, perfect with the curse of kissing. My words are stripped.
Actions speak louder. There's no need to scream and shout or
Lead your behaviour to where your emotions are scattered.
...like my brain though. Feel the pain go
Move through your veins slow. No guardian angel
To provide me with a rainbow. So where'd the rain go?
...i was looking forward to a pot of gold.
And though i stay broke enough she decides to be showing up,
Earlobes softer than the meat inside a coconut.
Both of us have other commitments, baggage,
Investments that tie us down enough to feel like we're strangled.
But still we proceed. Voice tone in low key.
Lights on, eyes closed, acting like we don't see.
Third eye surveying the venue we compete in.
Against the world, on my team, through the seasons.
Invite the evening, play bites for teasing.
K writes the playwrights to make life a breeze
And I fiend for it, despite my patience to attain
Cause holding back's a symbol for the beauty in the pain.
She's my blessing in disguise. Half ninja, half angel.
It was a real pleasure meeting you, my lady. Just saying though.

Whatchu Sayin, when you sayin something say it man?
Ya sayin yo, Mizzy what you sayin man?
whatchu sayin yo when you sayin what?
whatchu sayin, yo Neva when you say it what?

To the beat with it's stiletto's, little dress long hair say hello
because that's who I'm parle-ing
Don't speak to the streets or ghetto's or be hanging with Hepetto
because that's not what I'm saying
Cuz on stage is here I live, it's just a playground to a KID
and that when people are obeying
Each command that we give, raise your hands like placing bids
and that's where they will be staying
no more whack emcee's you see? because its KIDS and 33
now you see why cats are praying
that's what I'm saying please, after here its overseas
and that's how this squad is slaying

So what I'm sayin is what's coursing throughout my crooked skull. Speaking what I'm conceiving

from cradle until the curtain call. These scripts that I flip, I leave em behind as evidence of

these acts that ive committed from the past and onto the present tense. Making my mark with this

musical can of krylon. A studious individual, soon as the night falls when the lights gone.

Thats when I write songs, infusing ink to the paper, confusing the close minded by the methods

we use to shape words. It's for the passion, not to cash in, we ain't writing checks. We dope

enough to have listeners trippin off all the side effects. Filling prescriptions for those in

need of a dosage and spread it across the globe, sending messages like it's postage.

Whatchu sayin' man? Whatchu sayin man?
You sayin something man?
Whatchu sayin' man? You sayin something man?
yo, whatchu sayin man?
Track Name: Wildin' Out
Such a jungle out there how you surviving in the woods
From the sticks to northern daylight north west it's understood
We're just animals uncaged, a small town beast
Got the camp runnin ravage, we're just dogs off the leash

Out of the wild, or are we wildin out
They say we wildin out
Out of the wild, or are we wildin out
They say we wildin out

1st Verse
We beastmode. Got bars locked like keyholes.
Prowling for fresh meat, like carving out a t-bone.
See, when we roam, we prone to get at least
3 phone numbers from birds, then it's each to his own
(Jakub Evolved)
They say the streets cold, I keep a shorty that's hot
rolling with me, that I can pin up at anytime like a freaky poster
Ain't no need to joke, the teams ferocious, we can be provoked,
Needle stroke the record like it needs to be consoled
I got this fetish for knocking you out ya tube socks,
whether or not you popped it in ya Walkman or boombox.
If Jake is Evolved, NevaMynd is keeping it primal,
taking these mp3s and transforming them back to vinyl
The records never broken were more into breaking records
Playing chess around these squares these circle pawns are playing checkers
Won't stay writhing they measures,fist pounding till the chest hurts
Working up a little sweat first, it's unleashed before it gets worse
animals fangs claws pissed off facial features- more foam at mouth then an epileptic who freshly seizured--creatures from the underworld sendin you direct messages threw speakers its no secret are gaze is laid solely upon your leaders


2nd Verse
Yo we those predators, feeding on our competitors,
who making the impossible seem suddenly like its effortless.
You step to this its ya death wish, ya left with ya neck slit,
watching the plasma drip down the carrots upon your necklace.
We festive. On a full moon. Sophisticated as cavemen.
One with the earth like Raiden. Hot in your mouth like cajun.
Swingin like apes, and I've got the taste of a Pagan.
Swayin like I just walked outta the bar that we raised up
Raise the bar up, holding the cake above my head
Wild beast a little hard luck, brand new species has been bred
Catch the wind swim fly, got us trading lines like vines
Taking over lands fine, it's just a sign of the times
its aaaaaaa-sign of the times clearly a sign of the things to come-four shadowing wait five shadows weaving threw pashak drums-carnivorous amphibious medical miracle lyricist's with the power to make the globe twist till the south poles on top of us--
(Jakub Evolved)
trust- Oh swell them titans back stomping the city walls to dust.
Conquerors of the jungle like Tarzan with our bar span,
brawl with guts, making asses of ourselves like Eeyore.
You're washed up like seashore, I sleep on you. Evolved

Track Name: Influence
If i could, i'd drop anything that I had cause
Everything that you want from me is so bad but
The influence that you had on me,
The influence that you had on me.
I dont even care if the feeling is wrong, but
All i wanna do is show you my song.
The influence that you had on me.
The influence that you had on me.

From the day I turned eighteen, you got inducted to the team
Outsider turned into another story of a dream
I'm sorry for what's been, wish for more but keepin lean
You were the four, I was the one, pick and roll at full steam
Went from hoops to the pitch, vid games and gangster flick
Dividing hoes upon our wrist, knowin a woman from a bitch
Chickens get to cluckin quick, at this point were young and fit
Straight work and never quick and the joints were always lit
But we're passed that phase, head to class extinguish blaze
Every day as it passes got me feeling like the same
Believe it might remain, bright lights can't numb the pain
White nikes, grad ring, got you matching a gold chain
You taught me bout myself, knew you always had my back
Tried to help me with my health and still would tell me when I'm whack
A hand for you to help when you're pickin up the slack
Influence you dealt, T-Magik that's a fact

We all in to win it, I'm Clark Kent at heart,
Tinted from the venom broads spitting
Gods rhythm live through me, spit movies, spliff doobies
Fresh coochie get to me, these douches need a good fucking, wouldn't touch it.
Whattup boo, I love you, teach me to dance with death
Tantric sex, romance the spirit to enhance the flesh
the phantom, trample sandcastles in Vancity, getting hammered
Enamored with my style because we connected like a tandem
Hands up like a robbery, obviously I gotta drop the heat
Kus we go all out like shopping spree's
Non-believers get your faith up, Jakub wake up the mausoleum
Coliseums get packed
For the Black Madonna theatre,
Gonorrhea to clap, you don't wanna fuck with it, ima leave it at that
If you don't think we got game, then you ain't reading the stats
Sun, I do this for my heart kus she's been bleeding out black

If i could, i'd drop anything that I had cause
Everything that you want from me is so bad but
The influence that you had on me,
The influence that you had on me.
I dont even care if the feeling is wrong, but
All i wanna do is show you my song.
The influence that you had on me.
The influence that you had on me.

She had a stone cold grip on me. Her mama named her rigor mortise, tying me in knots, all my limbs and thoughts contorted. Swift little theif, took the organ from my sleeve, and I let her walk free as she threw away the only key. Lonely me, she musta been my everything. Im thinking shes my soul mate, but to her its just a petty fling. I'll never be the same, too much tension on my heart strings. Guess I shouldn't dance to the tune this pretty bird sings. One look an your like, "Aw man, god damn!" Makes u wanna go up to heaven and shake gods hands. Shes so fine that her beauty's devine. When he was puttin you together he was taking his time. And I would also take mine with every moment we spent. Every conversation held, everywhere that we went. She had wrapped around her finger and I wasn't letting go, girl you changed my life forever I just wanted you to know.

The influence you had everlasting the type I'd hope to mold my offspring to perfectly mimic your character hands down would conquer any casting everytime shit got frantic you were there in a minute I'd swear to god I never needed help and you were there to prove me wrong I put the globe on my shoulderblades way before my blade were formed Fuck the world like i'm livin unfortunate when theres kids in 3rd worlds that die before they even notice it your tried to show me this and thankfully I finally listened you molded me into the man that stands in this position in disposition tilted slightly standing off my axis and can't believe how quickly they would draft you to the blackness I mean musically my discman guided things without the guidance of my grandfather i'd be missin things thankful for my mother for showing me more then everything you'll never understand your influence was everlasting

I've been putting work in, and yearning
For certain I'm on the grind.
And I'm only learning 'till curtains
This person stay on my mind.
You've been a leader
You've been elite and you've been the reason for teaching
Ima love my life with a mic
'Till the righteous come right on in.

If i could, i'd drop anything that I had cause
Everything that you want from me is so bad but
The influence that you had on me,
The influence that you had on me.
I dont even care if the feeling is wrong, but
All i wanna do is show you my song.
The influence that you had on me.
The influence that you had on me.
Track Name: Longest Road
(NevaMynd) (Hook)
We're walking down the longest road
we're growing but never growing old
take a look into the rear view,
everything that you've been through
memories you can sift through

...There were them days I remember when
Getting sent to my room was the best part of them
Soon consumed, dedicating my time to lyricism
music as an outlet, its an undescribeable feeling
Inspired by the realest. Tired of the fillers.
Decided to try writing, we'd vibe from the issues.
Of elementals, diggin through crates of dusty vinyls
walking on air in airwalks, walkmens and alien workshops
Neva, pause this... Moment of silence for the fallen.
We used to show up to a set and end with no applauses
We used to catch flak, but never strayed, remain positive
and soon empty venues were wall to wall with the rawest
All-in-all, we involved all those who committed.
Consolidated a crew once we reached the pacific.
33 and the KIDS proflic, rapping records in minutes
five minds combined, the opportuniteis are limitless


Every day just getting older, left hand steering
got me peering over shoulders
won't be fearing they're perceiving I got colder
just seeing that their soldiers that agree and then competing amongst posers
could be clearing off some weight up off the shoulders
small towns don't start trends, they build warriors instead
persavere against the odd with my pride
I know the drama never ends, keep playing on and off with friends
only carry baggage under my eyes
two hundreds clicks on highway one, fly the runway same path as the sun
still breathing northwest air in my lungs
people track down what I've now, now they're dumbing out
no longer laughing making fun, it's been a long way that we've come
release that anger with my pen, most of the problems on my hand
are a result of overthinking the task
that former pesimist is dead, no longer misinterpret messages you send
as i reflect, on the things of the past


He was born on May 20th, a sunny day in 86'. I swear they heard a snare drum following when that baby kicked. Umbellical cord more like an XLR cable, no hospital bed, she's giving birth on turn tables. With his first few steps he put that swagger in his stride, some chronic inside a backwood, put it up in sky. Brim cocked to the left, my fitted leaning to the westcoast, old school Canadian reppin Jays and Expos. Thats when he grew into a beast with teeth, whos chews beats when he feeds on these loops and keys. His roots deep under the ground, head floating above the clouds and a voice that rings loud when he opens his mouth. Legs burn from the journey, I'm goin nowhere in a hurry still I'm pressing forth until they lay my corpse on the gurney. It's been a hell of a ride, shit i don't ever wanna leave, if the reaper comes collecting he's never gon find me...

(Jakub Evolved)
Looking back I took a path a little crooked
Hoofed it, so every step I took had left a footprint
Of its own. Either book it or be slow man
But don't get carried away like the repo man
You get no sequel then it's peace and I'll meet you again on the otherside
until then ima grind until my dreams grow bigger, are we clear?
We got a lot of drive like we copped the hottest rides
Whether we gotta walk or drive we just wanna arrive and be here
It's just part of the journey, the art of learning from the hurt
The hearts been burning from the start, yearning something greater
I wanna thank you so much
Kus what you gave me liberated my outlook
I'm out looking no more, my only goal is to share my soul
My whole world with you and show love
I always miss you and my sis too, it's true
I just wanna get to you both, so Muah!


(Kelvin) (outro)
This love, it started out in the park
let history repeat and bring it back to the start
cause it ain't all good, naw things ain't the same
but we maintain, sunshine comes after the rain.